OptiWell, Inc. : the Optimum in Wellness Training!
OptiWell, Inc. : the Optimum in Wellness Training!

After six years of teaching classes, due to the poor economy OptiWell Inc has gone out of business.
THANK YOU for your past business!

If you have a question about any class that has already been scheduled, please call Lockhart Training at (858) 344-0475.

  • CPR Saves Lives! Sue's personal story of when she saved her two year old nephew's life in 2002.
  • The Retail Cardiac Chain of Survival; or, How to Survive a Heart Attack at the Mall Don's first article for Job Giant given top listing in their retail industry issue, Nov 4, 2004, vol 8, issue 20.
  • Confucius Say: Do Come Dine Again a fun little piece for the restaurant industry by Don Ross, printed in the Dec 2, 2004, Job Giant.
  • Don't Let 'em Be an Ancestor! by Don Ross in the Reiyukai America News, issue 44, Oct 2004.